a take away show

Pour la plupart blogueurs, nous nous sommes retrouvés ensemble parce que nous aimions la musique, que nous aimions la partager, en parler, et parce que nous nous sommes dit qu’il y avait sans soute une place pour rassembler tous ces points communs sur le web.

Website: http://www.blogotheque.net/toutes-les-videos/
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AllSaints Basement Sessions

AllSaints Spitalfields continue to bring you new music and exclusive content in the form of their widely acclaimed Basement Sessions project. Recorded and filmed in a warehouse space below our E1 London design studios, these weekly sessions present live performances, insightful interviews and upfront podcasts for a global audience featuring new artists, pioneers and bastions within the industry.

Website: http://www.allsaints.com/music/
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amsterdam acoustics

Amsterdam Acoustics was started July 2009 to create intimate acoustic sessions with musicians with Amsterdam as a cinematographic background.

Website: http://www.amsterdamacoustics.com/
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Athens Soundies

SOUNDIES are two things. They are one of the first forms of music videos-popular in the early 1940s. They were three minute musical films usually found on \"video jukebox projectors\" in bars and clubs. It\'s also the name we\'ve affectionately titled a series of one take, low-fi, live sound music videos inspired by the \"Take Away Shows\" series from LaBlogotheque

Website: http://www.athenssoundies.com/
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Bandstand Busking

Bandstand Busking brings life to unused bandstands across London. There are dozens of bandstands spread across the city, but when did you last spot one surrounded by a crowd excited to watch a talented band? We're here to fill that gloomy void.

Since founding in 2008, Bandstand Busking has been bringing bands from all over the world to play in our parks. We film a few songs and post them online for all to see. We're honored to have had an impressive selection of artists play; from Wild Beasts and Micachu, Black Lips and Vivian Girls, of Montreal and Fanfarlo, to Caitlin Rose and Emmy The Great - we've had an eclectic mix!

Website: http://bandstandbusking.com/
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We love music. We love Berlin. We love filming. As simple as that the idea of combining these passions was born. It was 2010 then. Gunnar and Nils, two guys - one the camera guy the other the audio pal - both living in the capital, started to shoot international artists in different locations all over the cultural melting pot Berlin. Acoustic sessions. Without frames or rules, but always authentic.

It all began as an idea out of passion and thrived over the past few months into a project shaped by the musicians and the people who support it. Berlin Sessions became a team of young fellows, ambitious to deliver great authentic music to you because: We love music and we love Berlin.

Website: http://www.berlinsessions.tv/
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BIM-BAM-BOUM essaie d’apporter quelque chose dans un monde où il y a souvent un clivage entre artiste & public. C’est pourquoi nous essayons de mettre en avant des performances artistiques (musique, peinture, sculpture, poésie, danse, …) hors des lieux de représentations classique. Ces performances prennent place sous forme d’attentats.

Les artistes arrivent dans un endroit où l’on s’attend à tout sauf a avoir un spectacle privé & c’est partis. L’important est de chercher le spontané, l’imprévu & donc le vivant. Au travers d’un attentat musical on ne cherche pas à réaliser une session acoustique classique car beaucoup le font déjà & certains le font même très très bien. On aspire à trouver un autre moyen d’expression par quelque chose de plus vrai car finalement un groupe de folk dans un cadre bucolique aux buttes chaumont: c’est ça la musique ?

Website: http://bim-bam-boum.fr
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Black Cab Sessions

We film the best artists in the world in the back of a London taxi

Website: http://www.blackcabsessions.com/
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Bruxelles ma belle

\" Découvrez Bruxelles en musique \"
Ouvrez grand vos yeux et vos oreilles !
«Bruxelles ma belle» vous invite à découvrir la capitale européenne comme vous ne l’aviez jamais vue… ni entendue…

Vos guides? Des artistes venus des quatre coins du globe. Ils sont de passage à Bruxelles, et dans leur valise musicale ils n’ont rien oublié: leurs instruments, leur bonne humeur, tout y est.

Website: http://www.bruxellesmabelle.net/
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Cardinal Sessions

Cardinal Sessions were established in summer 2010 by Lenny Rothenberg und Timo Reindas.

The project began with the intention of showcasing the outstanding talents of the local region Nordrhein-Westfalen.

We are now in search of talented musicians from the whole of Germany and also internationally. We do not have any preference of genre: Rock, Punk Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Hardcore, Indie, Jazz or Hip-Hop - What we are looking for is a true passion and love for music: Two songs, acoustic, authentic.

Website: http://cardinalsessions.com
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Green Couch Sessions

Green Couch Sessions is a series of experiments in which we attempt to marry the artist with the environment. The music fills the space and the various locations inevitably produce a sound unique to the session, never to be reproduced, only to be enjoyed by you, the viewers.

Website: http://www.greencouchsessions.ca/
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le cargo sessions

Le Cargo est un webzine pré-2.0 (il se murmure même qu’il aurait été conçu sur Minitel...) né quelque part en 1999. Il a voyagé de Paris à Cotonou (Bénin), de Mahajanga (Madagascar) à Ouagadougou, de Hambourg à Stockholm, et même de Strasbourg à Melun, s’enrichissant à chaque escale de nouveaux talents, de nouvelles inspirations.

Website: http://www.lecargo.org/spip/sessions/rubrique154.html
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Live in Bellwoods

Beginning on a fine fall day in August of 09, two friends decided to start documenting great musicians performing live in Trinity Bellwoods Park, this is the collection. inspired by La Blogotheque, and the beauty that is Bellwoods.

Website: http://liveinbellwoods.com/
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Off The Beaten Tracks

Off The Beaten Tracks is a musical project in unusual surroundings. Edinburgh's a funny old place, you see. Much like the City Of London (the old bits around St.Paul's), the centre of the city is a winding, piled-high collection of narrow streets, tall buildings, and dark alleys that cut through its heart. Fertile raw material, in other words, if you wanted to - say - record acoustic sessions in places you'd not normally see them.

Website: http://offthebeatentracks.tv/
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Shed Sessions

A series of live sessions all filmed in the Broadcast 2000 garden shed. This collection will be added to regularly throughout 2011, so check back soon for new ones.

Website: http://www.broadcast2000.co.uk/shedsessions/
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Shoot The Player

Shoot The Player filmmakers Amelia Tovey and Jonathan Wald have produced over 100 music films since 2007. Each spontaneous, unplugged, one-take music video takes place in a public location. We encourage audiences to see and hear in a completely new way, by putting great musicians in iconic locations where you'd never expect them to be.

Website: http://shoottheplayer.com/
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Kaum begonnen, schon vorbei. Die Stimme verliert sich. Die Saiten schwingen aus. Die Musik verklingt. Doch sie ist nicht weg, nur woanders - mitgenommen von eilenden Passanten, lauschenden Gebannten und anderen verweilenden Stadtgestalten. Wer zu spät kommt, ist nicht zu spät. Eingefangen von einer Kamera finden die musikalischen Impressionen der besonderen Art ihren Weg auf diese Seite und von da in die weite Welt.

Die Stadt ist die Bühne, ihre Bewohner das Publikum. Stadtklang.ch präsentiert Musik, wie sie ist: intim, direkt und unverfälscht!

Website: http://www.showtogo.ch/
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Soul Kitchen Sessions

Soul Kitchen, SK pour son petit nom, vous propose des contenus exclusifs : des sessions acoustiques (les "SK* Sessions"), des photos et des compte rendus de concert, des chroniques, des news, une sélection de clips et de morceaux à découvrir dans notre "son du jour". C'est aussi une mine d'informations sur des milliers d'artistes (liens, agenda concert, discographie...), les salles de concert (agenda des concerts, adresse, plan) et les labels.
C'est également une communauté de lecteurs abonnés à notre flux RSS et notre newsletter et qui nous suivent également sur notre page Facebook, via Twitter ou sont abonnés à notre chaine YouTube (6 millions de vues, 10000 abonnés en janvier 2012).
C'est surtout une équipe de passionnés de musique, bénévoles, qui partagent leurs coups de cœur pour des artistes ainsi que des photographes à l'œil acéré qui nous font partager leur vision d'un concert en photo.

Website: http://www.soul-kitchen.fr/category/soul-kitchen-session
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southern souls

Starting in the summer of 2009, Southern Souls began by capturing unique performances by musicians that call southern Ontario home. Seeing musicians play in the places that they live and breathe, places they themselves have chosen - in the street, in a store, in a kitchen or bedroom - is almost a homecoming for the music itself, returning it to the places in which it started.

Much like the music its captured, Southern Souls has branched out beyond southern Ontario, recording the performances of all sorts of souls.

Website: http://www.southernsouls.ca/
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They Shoot Music Dont They

They Shoot Music Dont They is a Vienna-based videoblog recording unique and spontaneous acoustic sessions in public spaces.

Website: http://www.theyshootmusic.com
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tv noir

TV Noir ist eine Mischung aus Live-Musik, Talk, Spiel und Interaktion mit dem Publikum, die einmal pro Monat im Heimathafen Neukölln in Berlin stattfindet. 2009 wurde TV Noir für den Grimme Online Award nominiert. Ab Mai 2011 kann man die Show nicht nur im Internet, sondern auch jeden 2. und 3. Freitag im Monat um 23:00 bei ZDF.Kultur sehen.

Website: http://tvnoir.de/
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Yours Truly is a tight-knit family of friends, collaborators and creatives working together to discover and document, capture and catapult those artists whose craft without question demands our affection. If you are passionate bordering on obsessed with music, film, photography, letters, food, live shows, etc. and you are a writer, cinematographer, photographer, designer, editor, blogger, dj, or just a fan, Yours Truly is always looking for like–minded people to work with.

Website: http://yourstru.ly/
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